What do you want to do?

iwunta is the simplest way to find someone to hang out with. Grabbing lunch, going surfing, seeing a movie, or even heading out for a night on the town, iwunta ensures that you are never alone.

iwunta iwunta


iwunta only invites friends close enough to make it. iwunta determines who’s available by how far they are depending on the start time of your event. So if you want coffee now, iwunta only invites friends within a couple miles. If you want to go to the beach in an hour, iwunta invites all your friends within the city. That way iwuntas are only sent to friends available to meet up - no more clutter, no more spam.


iwunta never reveals your location. Your nearby friends are determined without ever revealing locations to you or your friends. Everyone deserves to maintain their privacy. We never share personal information, locations, or any other information that belongs to you.

Simplifiedgroup chat

iwunta only adds friends to group chat after they've accepted your invitation. When friends accept your iwunta, they are automatically added to a group chat with your other friends that are also available to meet at that time!
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