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You're wasting 99% of your digital ad budget.

You pay to reach millions of people, but what percentage buy right now? On mobile, click-through rates are an abysmal 0.11%. And consumer tracking, targeting, and remarketing fail to solve the problem: you're reaching out to millions, and the vast majority of the people you reach don't care. The fact is, marketing is broken.

We need a revolution in how we approach marketing. What if we could advertise products and services only to people with immediate purchase intent? We'd build a scalable, consumer-loved experience that utilized marketing budgets for real and measurable returns.

Introducing OntentionTM

The brainchild of three years of market research with input from the world's largest marketing agencies and brands, Ontention is the only system that perfectly captures and monetizes immediate purchase intent.

Using proprietary data fusion techniques and artificial intelligence models, Ontention captures, correlates, and converts potential customers into immediate sales. When combined with the iwunta SaaS Sales Platform, each sale doubles or triples in value.

Less than 1% → 35%
Conversion rate on mobile

Ontention is proven to drive mobile conversion rates as high as 35.74%, and it can be integrated into any existing digital product in minutes, not months. We'll help you find your customers, maximize sales, and increase engagement—all while maintaining a deep respect for user privacy.

Add Ontention to your digital marketing strategy today. Contact us at to learn how we can build incredible value for your business and your customers.

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